Today, shorter product development phases are possible thanks to Computer Aided Engineering (CAE). We provide wide range of simulations used at the various stage of product development phase. Our core team of engineers has closely worked with various well known automotive OEM like BMW, IVECO, MAN, EICHER, and VOLVO, to name few. Their experience enriches us in many ways.
Our dedicated engineers are capable of working with the latest CAE tool available in the market.


We provide CAE for wide range of industries like Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy engineering etc. Our CAE results help engineers analyze the critical design characteristics in order to optimize the product performance, which helps manufacturer to obtain detailed performance and design limitation before it actually produced.


When it comes to product development through various iterations, our experienced CAD-CAM-CAE engineers sitting under one roof make us preferred choice. We believe that frequent communication between CAD-CAE engineers is the key to the successful and rapid product development. Our firm understanding about various modern product development phases enables our client to accelerate their development and minimize prototype costs, eventually making them more competitive amongst their competitors.